10 Things Laurier Students Hate

Every university has its stereotypes and flaws. If you are or were ever a Laurier student, you’ll totally relate to these:

1. The fact that they closed down the Tim Hortons at Peter’s

It was the perfect spot to quickly get coffee and snacks between classes. The line was always a reasonable length and the service was fast. The only other Tims is all the way at science so now we have to travel all the way to the concourse or the library just to get a cup of joe? Pass!


2. The line up at Starbucks between classes  

Don’t even get me started on that lineup. It. Never. Ends


3. When people talk on silent 7

It’s called silent seven for a reason. Just study and stop gossiping about what your roommate did last night.

4. Exams on Sundays

Exams on Sundays should be illegal. But I guess it helps that we get a fall reading week because of them.

5. Navigating LORIS

Most confusing Laurier website yet. How can anyone find what they’re looking for? The best thing to do is just search key words. And is it just me or does it crash just as I’m about to add an important class to my schedule?

Source: LAZSOC


6. Lack of parking space on campus

Even with a parking pass, there are still no spots on campus to park. You’re better off taking the bus or carpooling.

7. Small campus means frequently running into people you know

Sometimes you hit snooze just a few too many times and your left with no time to get ready in the morning. We’ve all been there. Luckily a small campus means you can get to your classes quickly and still have time to get yourself a coffee on campus. But somehow those are the days you’re most likely to run into everyone you know, including that cutie in your tutorial. However, it is nice not having to walk more than 10 minutes to cross campus. And again, not so nice when you run into last night’s drunken mistake.

8. The Geese

Not only are they everywhere in Waterloo, but these birds are ferocious! They’re not afraid to attack if you get just a little too close to them. Not to mention the fact that they poop everywhere. They bring a whole new meaning to “a green campus”.


9. The sauna that is Wilf’s when it gets crowded

Any time there’s an event or it just gets busy, wear a t-shirt because no windows mean zero ventilation. Luckily, they have a variety of cool drinks to keep your fluids replenished. Just remember they don’t take OneCard for alcoholic drinks.

10. When the door from the patio to the concourse suddenly locks

Whether it’s summer or winter, the door always seems to randomly malfunction. Worst part is when no one in the concourse can hear you knocking on the glass at night to come open the door.

But at the end of it all, Laurier is an amazing school filled with amazing and diverse people. I guess that’s why it’s great to be a Laurier Golden Hawk.

Written by – Stephanie Tse


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