The AUS Grant Fund Committee supports special projects that enhance student life. Any club or Arts Laurier Student can submit an application for funding to make their idea a reality.  The fund is financially supported by the Arts Undergraduate students at Wilfrid Laurier University.

To be eligible for funding, projects must provide increased opportunity for students to engage in activities leading to improved personal health & wellness, leadership development, cultural development; or provide increased opportunity for students to engage each other and their environment in a culture of learning outside of physical classroom space. 

Preference is given to projects funds for a one-year commitment, and with an impact on a significant number of undergraduate students on your campus. 

Want to get a jump start on your idea? Here’s how to apply for the AUS Grant Fund Committee:

STEP ONE: Get some support from your Arts Undergraduate Society. We’re here to help your applications shine. Reach out to any of these helpful folks if you need a hand.

Jenny Nguyen, President

Kawuki Jerome Lukwago, Grant Fund Director

Step Two: Submit a word document to the with your Contact details, Project details, and Budget details all outlined at the bottom of the page.

Step Three: Provide us with a 250 word minimum of your project and how it will enhance student life. Are you working with other people or groups on this project? Let us know who they are. Include your proposed budget for the project, including all revenue and expenses, so we know how much you need from the AUS Grant Fund Committee to cover the costs. Also tell us if you’ve applied for other sources of funding for your project. 

The AUS Grant Fund is designed to be a one-time gift. If your project is intended to continue to multiple times, it will need to be self-sustaining or you’ll need to find alternative funding. The Grant Fund is a great way to help get your project off the ground.

Application Agreement

The AUS Grant Fund Committee may take on average 3 weeks to review application. Please take that into consideration when planning for your event.

Applications will be accepted on a continual basis between mid-September and March.

The Committee will begin reviewing applications in October. 

AUS Grant application updates or appeals are not permitted after the event date.

When submitting your application, you are acknowledging that the Arts Undergraduate Society will manage the funds of the project.

The AUS Grant Fund Committee reserves the right under rare circumstances to modify the granted amount to what is believed to be reasonable and attach contingencies to be able to receive the granted funds.

There must be a clear rationale provided in a grant application why the AUS Grant Fund Committee rather than other organizations (i.e. Student Life Levy) is the best choice to fund the initiative.

The AUS Grant Fund Committee will not provide funding for the following:

a)     to “For – Profit” organizations or private foundations,

b)    to cover existing budget deficits

c)     for activities that could be deemed discriminatory as defined by the Ontario Humans Right Code,

d)    for activities completed or costs incurred before approval of the AUS Grant Fund Committee,

What happens When a Grant is Submitted. 

Step 1:           Receipt of the Grant Fund application. 

Step 2:           Review by the Grant Fund Committee

Step 3:           Presentation by Applicant to the Grant Fund Committee

Step 4:           Communications Regarding the Grant Fund Committee

Step 5:           Execution of the Grant


Project Name 

First Name*

Last Name*


Phone Number* 


Title* (The Applicant’s role in the project)


My Project is For The*

Project Category*

  • Athletes and Recreation
  • Career Service
  • Student Buildings
  • Health and Counselling
  • Academic Support
  • Financial Aid
  • Campus Safety Program

Project Summary* (Please include a description of the project.) (min. 250 words)

Estimated Start Date*

Estimated End Date* 

General Enhancement of Student Life* 


Budget Manager

Please note, the budget manager will be Kawuki Lukwago, VP of Finance & Administration, Arts Undergraduate Society. His contact information is:

First Name*

Last Names*


Email Address*

Funding Request Amount* 

Budget Details* (Provide a proposed budget for the project, including all sources of revenue and expenses. Please indicate if these expenses have been quoted by a third party and ensure HST and all related expenses are included)

Index Number* (Club number)