Laurier Study Spots!

We all struggle to find places that not only suites the needs of our studying but also our style. As a result, study spaces is highly important for students as it can determine the levels of which a student can concentrate and it can significantly alter the outcome of that study session.

3 places for Individual Studying:
1. Looking for the best place to study alone, away from friends and other distractions? Well look no further! Floors 5 to 7 of the Laurier Library will be your new best-friend in no time if that’s exactly what you want! These floors provide students with individual cubicles where aspiring students can fully concentrate and you are guaranteed to be kept away from any surrounding aliens and fellow golden hawks that you know. These cubicles will accommodate for your style studying from reading and writing to watching online tutorials and/or videos relating to your class work.

2. Quite study rooms in DAWB are open to first come first serve and are located on third, fourth, and fifth floors. Similar to the library, it is open until midnight to students both for individual and group work, though most students use it for individual work. Its style is different from the library cubicles in the sense that it’s more open, tidy, clean, and calm. Also, provides that senses of freedom because of its visibility to other objects and subjects.
3. The Solarium provides much more then the objective of quiet individual studying! The construction of the room provides students the opportunity to study with a view – the outdoors. Through the clear glass windows, one is able to take a break and enjoy the nature’s beauty. If you’re like a bird and must be caged for a while but want your freedom then visit the Solarium and experience it for yourself.

3 Places for Group Work:
1. The 24-Hour Lounge, located in the Fred Nichols Campus Centre is continuously available and open 24 hours. This study lounge is accessible for individual work, group work and available for late night/early morning studying. It has been designed to accommodate all the needs of individual group members by providing group study rooms, computer areas and even couches to take a break or study comfortably. The lounge is located near Laurier’s Wilf’s restaurant and a convenience store so students can grab a bite whilst working away.

2. The Concourse is located centrally on campus and has a lively atmosphere where students can come together to work and not have to worry about being too loud. It allows groups to work without the conscious of being mindful of other students – unlike the Library and Solarium. Therefore, it is not designed only to concentrate on your own work, but also explore, interact, and meet your friends or new people along the way.
3. The newly constructed Lazaridis hall provides a confortable-working environment in a new, modern, state-of-the-art building. Students have the choice to choose between couches and desks to complete their work. Where one can enjoy the aesthetics of the building whilst being able to work with their group. As such, it is designed to be a place of innovation, ideas, and creation – an environment where everyone wants to be!

There are many other areas open for student to utilize for either individual study or group work. So don’t forget to visit Academic buildings with open classroom that are availably during the date such as Bricker Academic, Schelegel, Peters Building and the science atrium.


Written by: Latifa Samimi

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