The Process
All Arts affiliated clubs and grand fund recipients can access their budgeted and generated funds through receipt reimbursement or invoice payment, via the expense form below.

Step 1: Photocopy each itemized receipt. Note that you will need to attach an itemized receipt to receive reimbursement. It is your duty to keep photocopies of all receipts that are submitted, AUS does not take responsibility if original receipts are lost and you do not have copies

Step 2: Download the expense form below, follow guide below, electronically fill in form, print

Step 3: Attach original receipts and invoices needed for reimbursement. When submitting for AUS grant funding, attach your approval email

Step 4: Drop off expense at the AUS office or mailbox (DAWB 5-109)


Reimbursement turn around time is typically one-two weeks

Forms are due at 12pm Thursdays, students can expect their reimbursement the following Friday. HOWEVER this is highly dependent on the time it takes WLUSU to process these forms once we have signed off on them.

Forms that miss the 12pm deadline on Thursdays will be required to wait until the following Thursday for processing, and two weeks for completed reimbursement or invoice transfer

Important Note:  Follow the instructions below very carefully. You can also refer to the Student Union financing guide. Forms that are incorrectly submitted will have to be rectified prior to processing. We receive many forms and contacting the requester regarding errors make take several days to weeks. To avoid long wait times and excess administration, be sure to fill in the form correctly the first time.